Yes, we are fully covered for every unseen incident with £10 million employer’s liability insurance and £10 million public liability insurance. Details of insurance will be shared with you at the initial quotation stage.

Public Liability Insurance: £10,000,000
Employer’s Liability Insurance: £10,000,000
Professional Indemnity Insurance: £1,000,000

We offer an exceptional 10 year guarantee on any works carried out. It covers all of our workmanship and gives you total peace of mind. We also offer a 12 month defect period as soon as the works are completed – during this period we are on hand to correct any minor defects that may have occurred, ensuring you are completely happy with the build as you move in and use the new space.

Project management is a service we offer for the duration of your project; you’ll have your own dedicated project manager to oversee every aspect of the build from planning, design and construction, ensuring that timeframes and budgets are met. Your project manager will deal with the day to day running of the project so that you don’t have to. They will work closely with you at all times and they are your direct point of contact if you have any questions.

No, we don’t charge for estimates. We offer an initial and free, no-obligation quote to everyone we deal with. Call us today for an initial chat on 01753 534826.

Certain types of home improvement can be carried out without applying for planning permission.  Examples are a porch up to 3m², certain conservatories and in some cases a single storey home extension.  We recommend that you submit drawings to the Local Planning Authority for written confirmation of your rights and in most cases a Building Regulations application will also be required.

You don’t have the hassle of hiring and working with a separate architect and builder, by combining the two services the project is often smoother, faster and less costly. Both architect and builder collaborate together for your project.

We’ll be right there alongside you, from the design consultation stage, through the planning process and onto the construction and completion of your project.

Faster delivery of your project

More responsibility for the result of your project, we are responsible for all stages of your project, meaning there is only one single point of responsibility. The primary advantage of this is that, if something goes wrong, there aren’t separate architect and build companies to shift the blame between each other and try to diminish their own responsibility for the problem. If there’s an issue, you immediately know that it’s your design and build company’s problem to fix.

Better Communication, both the architect team and building team can collaborate together and share information and make sure everyone is on the same page

Lower risk of disputes and litigations between the architect and builder

You will receive a dedicated project manager as standard who will oversee your project and keep you in control every step of the way.